The Client

Crystal Capital Partners is a turnkey alternative investment platform that uses technology to furnish financial advisors with exclusive opportunities for their clients' portfolios.

"Working with the Vitalsphere design team was a pleasure. We have some of the most unique software in the hedge fund and private markets industry, and Vitalsphere listened deeply and took the time to learn the ins and outs of our intricate system. They effectively captured our brand's essence, and their redesign not only looks outstanding but also improved workflows for our clientele.

Throughout the design process, the team was communicative, providing us with frequent updates and incorporating our feedback seamlessly. Their attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality product made the process easy for us."

— Natalie Brod, Partner / Chief Marketing Officer

The Solution

Crystal has a unique product: they offer financial advisors a way to provide their clients with third-party private markets and hedge funds that ordinarily require prohibitive minimum buy-ins. Moreover, Crystal’s web app helps advisors produce portfolios, proposals, tax forms, and more. However, both Crystal’s public facing site and advisor app were structured in ways that struggled to communicate their product’s value to users, and left many who did sign up confused.

We restructured Crystal’s signup process and their web app to properly showcase their product and provide their advisors with a clear, user-friendly journey. Additionally, we built Crystal a new suite of development-ready components to use across their site that elevated their look and feel.

Crystal Capital App Screen

The Services

Web Design
App Design
Design System

Supported Platforms


We redesigned the signup process to reduce friction and provide a clear roadmap for success. We created a preview of Crystal’s web app that gives prospective investors a sense of the magnitude of what Crystal offers while also satisfying industry-specific security needs.

Crystal Capital App Screen

New User Signup

We redesigned the signup process to reduce friction and provide a clear roadmap for success.

Crystal Capital App Screen

Insight Pages

Crystal’s insight pages were often the first touchpoint for users coming to their site. However, the way the insight pages were structured did not clearly reveal what Crystal had to offer or effectively usher the user to sign up. We redesigned this section of Crystal’s site to achieve both these ends and provide a crisper feel.

Crystal Capital App Screen

The App

Crystal’s web app often left the advisors who used it confused and reliant on Crystal’s internal team to help them execute routine tasks. We restructured the app interface from the ground up to make it more intuitive, user-friendly, and sleek.


We improved the fund list with better access to filters and highlight cards summarizing key fund insights.

Crystal Capital App Screen


We designed a hierarchical structure to showcase fund research with increasing granularity as the user clicks through, while preserving simplicity at higher levels.

Crystal Capital App Screen


We overhauled the portfolio navigation, produced new assets and interactive states, and updated visual elements such as charts and graphs with a more clean, modern look.

Crystal Capital App ScreenCrystal Capital App Screen


We simplified the holdings interface to more clearly reflect the contents of account portfolios.

Crystal Capital App Screen

Design System

We built a library of components for Crystal to use across their app and website, speeding up development and making everything easier to maintain.

Design System