The Client

Fresher (previously Fitness Ration) is a startup based in Singapore that prepares precisely calibrated, nutritionally balanced meals based on specific fitness goals and delivers them to customer’s doorsteps.

"Vitalsphere worked to understand our needs and tailored a solution that fit perfectly. They helped us build fully custom software systems to run the entire back end of our business and also coded our consumer-facing web application to be pixel-perfect based on the designs we provided. I highly recommend Vitalsphere's team if you're looking for a solution that requires custom coding."

- Jerome Seow, Fresher Co-Founder


Starting from designs provided to us, we built a responsive website to showcase Fresher’s beautifully prepared meals; an order wizard to streamline and simplify the experience of purchasing meals, user accounts to enable the managing of customer profiles, preferences, and order histories, and custom internal software to make processing, scheduling, and delivering orders easy and accurate.

Supported Platforms


Angular 1/2


Starting from designs provided to us, we built a website that highlights Fresher's prepared meal products, including an order wizard that takes the customer through a simple process to select which meals are right for them. The website is responsive and works across all major browsers.

Screens 3


Starting from designs provided to us, we built a responsive web app that enables customers to create an account and maintain a basic profile, which includes commonly ordered meals, allergy info, and an order history from which they can quickly reorder previously purchased meals.

Screens 4

Admin Systems

We built internal admin systems used by the Fresher team to manage the entire backend processes of their business. Features include:

  • A dashboard with the most relevant information for the day, including incoming orders and deliveries
  • An order management system that includes specific details about each order and offers the ability to manually add orders and export or print order invoices in bulk
  • A product content management system that enables the editing of meals, prices, descriptions, and nutritional information
  • A fulfillment management system that enables the setup of available delivery times and dates, as well as anomaly triggers that prevent the ordering of too many meals within a specific time period
  • An inventory management system that enables the real-time tracking of stock for each meal
  • A promotion management system that enables the setup and management of coupon codes
  • A strategic partner management system to manage permanent deals with other companies that resell or buy meals in large quantities for their employees