The Client

Good Pill is non-profit home-delivery pharmacy driving the future of healthcare forward by providing affordable access to prescription drugs from donated surplus stock.

Vitalsphere has an incredible understanding of modern software development applied to the healthcare space. Our ability to build out our internal logistics systems and our consumer-facing applications has become a lot easier since we began working with them. We feel lucky to have found their team of talented designers and developers.

- George Wang, Co-founder


Good Pill has been growing rapidly and struggling to find technical talent with experience in the pharmacy and HIPAA-compliant space. We built from scratch a suite of HIPAA-compliant web applications to manage patient data.



Web App Development
Design Pattern Library

Supported Platforms

Pharmacy Management App

We designed and developed an internal web application to manage patient data, including patients’ prescription medication and order history, making it easier to ship medications to patients that were donated by healthcare organizations, as well as to keep track of medication inventory to ensure that upcoming orders can be filled.

App 1App 2App 3App 4App 5App 6App 7App 8

In-Code Components

We built a library of components in code that are used across all of these apps, speeding up development and making everything easier to maintain.

Component Library 1Component Library 1