The Client

RoadWarrior is a multi-stop route planning service for drivers and dispatchers looking to cut time on the road. Its apps combine custom route flexibility with algorithms that maximize efficiency and account for variables ignored by other navigation software.

The Solution

Both of RoadWarrior’s apps, RoadWarrior Mobile (for drivers) and RoadWarrior Teams (for dispatchers), had been initially designed by in-house developers. RoadWarrior brought us in to take their existing, disjointed designs and create a more consistent, contemporary product. We started with a full UI/UX audit of both apps to highlight potential issues and opportunities for improvement. We then revamped the user experience and worked with RoadWarrior to design new features and functionality. In addition, we created screenshots for the mobile app’s listing and graphics for its user guide and website.



Design Audit

Supported Platforms

RoadWarrior Mobile

RoadWarrior Mobile offers route optimization for couriers, delivery drivers, door-to-door salespeople, or anyone with many stops along their route.


RoadWarrior Teams

RoadWarrior Teams gives dispatchers a way to handle the complexities of rigorous, multi-stop routes and optimize fleet management. With the app, companies can easily keep track of their drivers and update routes in real-time.


Creating a Unified Design

Our challenge was to come up with a design that felt familiar, but better and cleaner. And while we freshened up and simplified some of RoadWarrior’s previous designs, we also built on their original concepts, fleshing out the style ideas they’d been aspiring to.

To reduce extraneous UI patterns and establish a more consolidated and robust vision, we first performed an inventory of each pattern component to account for any edge cases. We then created a set of unified UI patterns that could be used across both web and mobile apps, minimizing developer workload and maximizing the intuitiveness of the UX.