The Client

SIRUM is a drug-donation platform driving the future of healthcare forward by connecting people with donated surplus medications at affordable prices.

As a non-profit medicine-donation platform that runs largely on custom-built technology, it’s crucial to find a team of developers and designers who can understand how our business works and turn our ideas into reality in a scalable and secure way. Vitalsphere is that team. Their deep understanding of the healthcare space has allowed us to supercharge our design and development progress. They are great listeners, great designers, and great developers, and are genuinely passionate about what they do.

- Adam Kircher, Co-founder


SIRUM has been growing rapidly since going through Y Combinator in 2015. With that growth came the struggle to find technical talent with experience in the pharmacy and HIPAA-compliant space. We jumped into SIRUM’s tech stack and worked with their team to build a HIPAA-compliant web application to manage donated medications, and a HIPAA-compliant web application serving as a donor portal for organizations who donate surplus medications.



Web App Development
Design Pattern Library

Supported Platforms

Donation Management App

We designed and developed an internal web application to track and manage donations of medications from health facilities and pharmacies.

App Admin 1App Admin 2App Admin 3App Admin 4App Admin 5

Donation Portal

We designed and developed a web application that serves as a portal for SIRUM’s donor partners.

App Client 1App Client 2App Client 3App Client 4App Client 5App Client 6

Inventory & Operations apps

To more efficiently sort and process donated prescription medicine, SIRUM needed a web app that could integrate with their SureSort equipment and allow their team to identify and stock new items with maximum efficiency. We built them a set of apps to manage this process:

  • An inventory web app that allows them to add scanned medicine into their database and edit associated details
  • A mobile app that helps them organize and shelve new stock
  • A mobile app for picking and filling outgoing orders
App Inventory 1App Inventory 2App Inventory 3App Inventory 4App Inventory 5

Drug UI

SIRUM needed a separate web application to manage details and configuration for specific drugs. We designed and built an interface that allows them to update their database of NDCs, acceptance thresholds, prices, stock levels, recalls and more.

App Drug UI 1App Drug UI 2App Drug UI 3App Drug UI 4App Drug UI 5

In-code Components

We built a library of components in code that are used across all of these apps, speeding up development and making everything easier to maintain.

Component Library