The Client

Transparent Health Marketplace is an innovative platform connecting payors and providers in a new marketplace model for the procurement of workers’ compensation healthcare services. By automating manual processes and eliminating redundancies, Transparent Health Marketplace delivers greater efficiency and cost savings for payors, new referral opportunities for providers, and better outcomes for all stakeholders in the workers’ compensation industry.


Transparent Health Marketplace had developed an innovative and intricate service that was ultimately difficult to understand and navigate. They reached out to us in order to update their brand to be more modern and professional, to improve their UI/UX to be more intuitive, and to design new information-rich dashboards that wouldn’t overwhelm their users.



Style Exploration

Supported Platforms

Payor App

Submit and manage workers’ claims for providers to bid on.

App Payor 0App Payor 1

Provider App

Review and submit bids on claims in the marketplace.

Provider App

Admin App

Organize and streamline claim management between payors and providers across the service.

Admin App


See information at a glance and easily navigate through the app.

Web Dashboard


View, search, and sort reviews.

Web Reviews

Listing Presence

View, manage, and improve listings.

Web Listings


Manage your audience and see your growth over time.

Web Analytics


Get involved in the discussion wherever it’s happening.