Web Video Caster

The Client

Used by millions of people, Web Video Caster is an Android app that streams videos from your favorite websites onto your TV. Not only does it let you watch movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts, and live news streams, but it also allows you to cast local videos stored on your phone.

The Solution


The redesign focused on simplifying the UI and refining the Material details. The app now boasts a distinctive charm, thanks to its friendly mascot and a series of illustrations to help users with the more complex elements of the app, such as error messages and the initial onboarding experience.


Icon Design
Interface Design

Supported Platforms

Interface Refinement

Harnessing Material Design conventions, each screen of the app was cleaned up and refocused.

Even the most reliable streaming video services can have issues occasionally. Personal and sympathetic messages, as well as illustrations with opportunities to contact tech support, help defuse frustration. Emotion-driven messaging and illustrations help defuse users’ frustration by offering empathy and providing opportunities to contact tech support.

Interface Refinement


We designed a friendly mascot to help liven up the app, improve the onboarding experience, and increase conversions to the paid version of the app.

Mascot 1Mascot 2

Icon Design

After extensive design exploration, we arrived at a new product icon that weaves together symbolism of Chromecasting, browsers, and video, while capturing the spirit of Material iconography. We made a careful effort to come up with an icon that was not too similar to the wider family of relevant Chromecast trademarks, but was similar enough to remain recognizable and familiar to the user.

Icon Design
Icon Sheet