Wecora is an online visual presentation and collaboration tool targeted at creative professionals, particularly interior designers. Wecora helps professionals collect products and inspiration, organize jobs, and facilitate discussions with clients.


We built a native iOS app using a modified Material Design style that we previously developed for Wecora’s web app. Our focus was on simplicity and clarity for non-tech-savvy users.

“We consider discovering Vitalsphere one of the best breaks we’ve had thus far with building out the Wecora solution. After many discouraging, overcomplicated and costly partnerships that lead to painful hand-holding and uninspiring results, Vitalsphere’s approach was refreshingly relaxed yet extremely productive.

We simply provided the walls in which we wanted his team to structure our app redesign, then they took the concept and ran with it in a way that was thoughtful and attentive to even the most minute detail. After working with these guys, we are confident now of where to land our ideas and already have several on-going projects in their pipeline!”

- Stephanie Dixon, Wecora Co-Founder


Native iOS Development (Swift)
Interface Design
Front-end Development

Supported Platforms

Wecora Capture

A streamlined iOS app

Wecora Capture App 1

We designed and coded a native iOS app using the Swift programming language and a modified Material Design style that we previously developed for Wecora's web app.

Wecora Capture App 2

Wecora Web App Redesign

An easy to use, responsive web app interface

Wecora Web App

The main focus of the Wecora web app redesign was to transition to a custom Material Design style and to simplify the interface for non-technical and older users who had difficulty reading or finding things on the screen. We increased the font size, placed visual emphasis on the primary user actions, and were deliberate about distinguishing different kinds of objects within the screen.

In the demo linked above, you’ll notice that all interactive elements respond to the cursor with gentle hover-and-click animations, offering ease of use and visual comfort to users.

The redesign also accommodates mobile screen sizes by making use of Material Design conventions.