The Client

ConveYour is a microlearning platform that enables influencers, trainers, and organizations to engage with their audience in a new and effective way—with personalized, bite-size content; mobile-first courses and campaigns; and interactive challenges. By tailoring their content to the specific needs of their audience, companies using ConveYour build a deeper connection to them.

“As a self-funded startup founder, I’ve had to get good at wearing many different hats. For the longest time, the product design hat was one I thought I wore just fine. Yes, user experience and user interface design had always been an area of pain for our team, but it didn’t stop us from shipping product. As ConveYour grew, it became painfully obvious that user experience and clarity had to improve in order to efficiently scale the business.

There was a time where building cool functionality and telling people about it was a business model. Now there are over 7,000 marketing tech SaaS companies alone. The customer has ultimate choice. One cannot just compete on functional merits alone; the customer experience is paramount.

Working with Vitalsphere Digital has been downright incredible. Vitalsphere brings a level of thought and earnestness to customer experience that I’ve never seen before. Yet, their pace is fantastic. Vitalsphere’s work has replaced many of our okay product ideas with masterpieces that can contend with the biggest and the best in ConveYour's industry.”

- Stephen Rhyne, ConveYour Co-Founder


We started our work with ConveYour by doing an audit of their existing design and UX. From there, we established a set of initial goals for a complete redesign of the Learning Portal section of their app. We worked closely with ConveYour to improve the structure, navigation, and feature set of the product.


The redesign was not only an aesthetic refresh, but also the establishment of a growing library of design components, patterns, and assets for use in the current Learning Portal. When the redesign was completed, we worked directly with ConveYour’s developers to support and oversee the implementation. We continue to work with ConveYour on improvements to their app as well as new, unannounced projects.

Supported Platforms



Themes and Whitelabeling

Our redesign needed to accommodate and improve the performance of the Learning Portal’s light and dark themes, as well as allow users to set their own primary color and logo. We designed sets of interface elements that worked well in both light and dark modes, and established a balanced, consistent use of primary colors while maintaining high contrast for key content.


Design Library

Underneath the new interface is a collection of improved and expanded design components, navigation patterns, and graphic assets. These elements accommodate responsiveness and themeability. Items in the library are then built out as Vue components, enabling ConveYour’s developers to jumpstart the creation of new features and products.

Design Library