The Client

Facebook, Inc. is an American social media conglomerate corporation based in Menlo Park, California. (You may have heard of them.)

"Vitalsphere didn’t waste time ramping-up, showed up prepared and were easy to work with. I really appreciate their ability to quickly translate a verbal idea into a tangible product. They were a breeze!"

- Mike Arndt, Director, Product Design at Facebook


The Facebook Messenger design team was looking for a development partner to build custom Figma plugins to improve their internal design processes. We worked with them to learn the ins and outs of their workflows, understand their pain points, and identify system limitations. We then built the Messenger design team a suite of Figma plugins to improve design efficiency and team coordination.


Figma plugin development

Supported Platforms

Conversation Generator Plugin

This plugin enables designers to easily build a conversation within Figma from pre-saved conversation bubbles, profile photos, and other assets.

Facebook Conversation Generator Plugin

Theme Switcher Plugin

This plugin streamlines theme implementation and customization. Rather than having to create separate themes for every design asset, designers can now set theme colors and instantly switch between color sets. In addition to improving the end-stage design process, this also saves designers a huge amount of time while allowing them to do their work in dark mode (which is easier on the eyes) without the hassle of manually applying theme colors to each asset afterwards.

Facebook The Switcher Plugin

Content Fill Plugin

This plugin automatically pulls text and images into Figma from a custom database where the team can upload and store content, enabling design assets to always be up to date with the proper text and images from the content team.

Facebook Content Fill Plugin