The Client

PSafe is a global leading provider of mobile apps designed to protect people’s freedom to safely connect, share, play, express, and explore online. The company boasts over 130 million installations of their innovative privacy, security, and performance apps.

“The promise I made to my client is that we will be creative, collaborative, and utterly reliable. Talent like Vitalsphere allows us to live up to that promise. Vitalsphere’s work is precise, elegant, and always well thought through. Unlike many designers who can make beautiful things but can't explain why they make sense, Vitalsphere always has a strong and clear perspective on their work, which is appreciated by my clients and by my wider team. There will always be room on my squad for Vitalsphere.”

- Nick Strada, Founder of The Venturous


We collaborated with Intrepid SF, a new agency in the Bay Area that was helping PSafe remodel its brand architecture and revamp its visual brand identity in preparation for a major push into the North American market.

Our particular focus was on refreshing PSafe’s suite of product icons. We merged two product groups into one unified group and created a new visual style that was minimal, vibrant, and stylistically balanced between the Android and iOS platforms. We designed a set of icons on top of a grid, with shapes that adhered to a consistent set of style patterns.

The result was a reimagined set of icons that will serve as the foundation for future PSafe product icons.


Icon Design
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