The Client

Ways2Well is a digital health company that provides preventative care medical services. They focus on advanced blood chemistry analysis and regenerative treatment solutions for patients throughout Texas.

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Overall, I cannot recommend Vitalsphere highly enough. Their exceptional talent, professionalism, and commitment to excellence make them a true standout in their field."

- Brigham Buhler, CEO / Founder

The Solution

Ways2Well's founder had been invited to go on Joe Rogan's podcast, but the company's site was hosted on Shopify, looked dated, and was not equipped to handle the influx of anticipated visitors. Additionally, Ways2Well wanted new site sections, including a browsable mail-order pharmacy. We re-designed and rebuilt their site to give it a more forward-looking feel, set it up to handle the anticipated traffic, and built out the additional sections in time for their launch.

Following the launch, we added custom patient scheduling and questionnaire integrations with CharmHealth, built out custom ecommerce solutions, and restructured their multiple user signup processes to be cleaner and more intuitive. We also redesigned their product labels and packaging.

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The Services

Website Development
Website Design
Web Copywriting
Package Design
Brand Design
Design Systems

The Stack

Square API
CharmHealth API
HubSpot API

Supported Platforms

Custom API Integrations

At the time we began working with Ways2Well, they were manually scheduling patient visits and manually copying and pasting information from forms submitted via their website. To lighten the load of their internal team, we built custom API integrations with CharmHealth, their EHR, to service patients with site calendars for scheduling and site questionnaires that automatically submitted answers to their EHR. When Ways2Well's clinicians requested patient-specific limits on scheduling, we developed a scheduling allowance system that they could update as needed.

Additionally, we integrated all forms on the website with Hubspot, a CRM that allows Ways2Well to track and communicate with their contacts, including sending automated emails and text messages.

Brand Development

Ways2Well's original site did not communicate their cutting-edge wellness brand. We spent a few weeks exploring UI concepts, color, style, spacing, and fonts, and ultimately settled on a instagram-style grid layout with large photography and minimal text. Additionally, we updated their logo and produced a style guide for them to use in social media marketing.

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Landing Page

We streamlined the core landing pages to highlight Ways2Well's treatments.

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Ways2Well needed a variety of unique checkout workflows since some of their services require clinic scheduling, others require mandatory health forms, and others require shipping. We devised a solution that allows Ways2Well to host and edit the appearance, price, and description of their products and services on Square, while providing users with custom-tailored shop pages, cart, and checkout processes.

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Sign Up Process

We took Ways2Well's multi-page PDF patient intake form and translated it into a user-friendly online questionnaire.

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Package Design

We designed new labels and packaging for Ways2Well's products, including: Supplements, Health Tests, IVs, Comprehensive Blood Work Testing

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We wanted to give Ways2Well some life through animation so we provided an intro video and footer video.

Design System

We built Ways2Well a custom set of styling and components to use across their site and apps.

Design System